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Do I really need Cyber training?

Please take a moment to read through our All Things Cyber and our Cyber Stars Initiative pages to find out how important being Cyber aware in our day and age really is.

Who can take the Cyber Stars Course?

The Cyber Stars course is a unique one day workshop offered to employee, irrespective of grade or job function that results in a global benchmark in Cyber Security Awareness, which is an externally recognised qualification by Proqual UK.  The Cyber Stars Workshop is relevant personal development not only for work, but it provides practical guidance to help you and your family at home. The Cyber Stars Workshop is also an opportunity to develop skills relevant to your work and your future career

I don’t know anything about Cyber Security? How expert do I need to be?

The Cyber Stars Workshop is designed for full access to all staff regardless of technical ability. The course was specifically designed to develop an acceptance of responsibility within non-technical staff and encourage a shared responsibility

I don’t have an IT backround, how will i cope?

The One day Cyber Stars Workshop is interactive, engaging and modular using practical real life examples from both work and personal environments, highlighting that very simple actions can significantly reduce risk

Why me? I’m sure we have excellent Cyber Security in place?

Australian Industry has first class leading edge IT security systems in place. But given that 93% of data breaches are the result of human error at some stage, we need the full support of all staff irrespective of function and level to be the most cyber threat aware we can be.

Why would I be at risk?

Cyber threat is agnostic – anyone using a PC, tablet or mobile device at work, on the move or at home is potentially at risk. Non-financial data, to include personal or seemingly unsensitive corporate data can all be pieced together by cyber threat groups.

How does this relate to my continuous learning? Whats the long term benefit?

Cyber threat is dynamic. The risk is constantly evolving and all of us have to be vigilant 24/7 when it comes to the digital world.  The Cyber Stars course will give you the tools to ensure that you and those around you are as secure as possible online now and into the future.

How do I book a Cyber Stars course?

Simply email your details and requirements to and one of our helpful Cyber staff will be in touch.


Health and Safety Training Course Questions.

How do I book or enquiry about your Health and Safety Training?

Simply send your details and requirements to and one of our helpful training staff will be in touch.

How flexible is your training?

We are extremely flexible with our training in all areas.  We will come to you, train on your site and with your equipment ensuring your staff are trained with the correct procedures, equipment and knowledge to maintain safety and meet all legislative requirements.

Who can participate in the health and safety training?

We train all staff in all industries from oil and gas, agriculture to utilities and warehousing.  We have a course to suit all of your health and safety needs. Check out our individual course details pages from the Training tab or email to




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