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Quadrant Training and Consulting Group are a team of dedicated and driven Cyber Security, Safety and Emergency professionals with extensive and varied industry backgrounds.
We offer a wide range of service assistance programs with a strong focus on your business needs as we strive to customise and tailor our industry best practice services, with your methods, equipment and resources.

Cyber Threats cost Global business an estimated $400 Billion in 2015 with up to 93% of these attacks facilitated by human error or lack of Cyber Awareness.

Quadrant Training and Consulting Group has joined forces with the leading Cyber Security entity in the UK, Intqual-Pro.

This partnership allows us to offer to the Australian market the same qualifications and high standard of Accredited Cyber-Security training that they provide across 19 other countries including the USA, United Kingdom and Canada. Find out how to become a Cyber Star with us and start protecting your business from the fastest growing online threat.  We have also just added a brand new Cyber Stars Lite course which allows more of your employees to learn key skills and protect your time, money and sensitive information.

In addition to Cyber Security services, we are also experienced in providing services in Safety Consultancy, training and emergency management particularly around high risk work activities such as Work Safely at Heights, Enter and Work in Confined Space, Gas Test Atmospheres and many more, see out Training tab for full menu of courses available. Our team of Safety and Emergency professionals will lead you to achieve your goals. They are all suitably qualified and leaders in their field with knowledge across all streams of Australian State safety Legislation.

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Cyber Stars Initiative

Cyber threats cost Global business an estimated $400 billion in 2015. Up to 93% of those attacks were facilitated by human error or a lack of cyber awareness. The Cyber Stars Initiative was developed to help reduce the cyber threat to business generated by a lack of employee awareness and confidence. The Cyber Stars Initiative is the only cyber security awareness programme with an official UK Government regulated qualification available here in Australia.

The Cyber Stars Initiative is far more than just a training course, or even a qualification. Cyber Stars provides a sustainable solution to cyber security awareness in an ever evolving landscape.

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